An Introduction to the Cingulum

I created this brief video of the cingulum. I am posting it here because it showcases some of the diffusion scan fiber tracking we do. The brain is that of a >60 year old male who is part of our study looking at patients with Parkinson’s disease. Visualizations were done with FreeSurfer and TrackVis.

About Jared Tanner

I have a PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology with an emphasis in neuropsychology at the University of Florida. I previously studied at Brigham Young University. I am currently a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Florida. I spend the bulk of my research time dealing with structural magnetic resonance images of the brain. My specialty is with traditional structural MR images, such as T1-weighted and T2-weighted images, as well as diffusion weighted images. I also look at the cognitive and behavioral functioning of individuals with PD and older adults undergoing orthopedic surgery. Funding for the images came from NINDS K23NS060660 (awarded to Catherine Price, University of Florida). Brain images may not be used without my written permission (grant and software requirements).